Flowers and femidoms: Nepal wedding website provides contraception advice
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A site offering wedding services while providing suggestions on family planning and reproductive health was introduced in Nepal last week in an effort to increase low rates of contraceptive use.

The Newlywed website, launched by Marie Stopes International on Thursday, notes local services that provide bridal wear, caterers, flowers, honeymoon concepts and other services for the wedding day. A mobile app enables people to book visits with suppliers.

Along with is a section, with the deliberately provocative title of SEXploration, that provides details on family preparation and sexual health.

Anybody who signs up for the website will receive pop-up messages with family preparation guidance.

The site is geared to Nepal s metropolitan youth, particularly in the capital, Kathmandu, who are more technically smart. Mobile coverage in Nepal is more than 90%.

We hope it will be the Yellow Pages for wedding preparation, with sex education running through it, said Anjana KC, a job supervisor at Marie Stopes Nepal.

We didn’t just wish to have a site with [household planning] details. We didn’t believe people were going to just go on there to learn. We have lists of vendors for wedding event preparation and we have information on sex, family planning, pregnancy, abortion and our services embedded in it.

According to federal government figures (pdf), 25% of people who wish to use contraceptives are not able to gain access to services. UN figures, released this year, reveal that about 52% of married or cohabiting women aged in between 15 and 49 use some type of family planning in Nepal; the average rate throughout Asia is 68%.

Last year, the government published a five-year proposal to scale up family planning services in an effort to minimize fertility rates and cut maternal and crib deaths.

Nepal is also attempting to raise the age of marriage. The government has actually enhanced the legal age for marital relationship to 20, and eliminated a stipulation that enabled early marriage if parents consented.

Marie Stopes said newlyweds frequently have little or no understanding of family planning, or the contraceptives available, and seldom talk about it with their partners when they are planning their wedding. Numerous count on details from friends and family, and myths abound about contraceptives, consisting of that if a man uses a prophylactic it will make him infertile.

The site and app are the 2nd phase of Marie Stopes s newlyweds job. The first stage, rolled out in Kathmandu and neighboring Kavrepalanchok district, consisted of wedding preparation classes, which combined dancing and video games with assistance on household planning and sexual health. It likewise supplied a space for couples to talk to each other about their life together.

SoniBaidarRajbhandari, 27, and her spouse, Raj Kumar, 32, attended classes in Kathmandu.

In Nepal, our households are extremely conservative, but if we have great communication, we can deal with every problem. We’re not planning to have children today; perhaps after a couple of years. We’re learning what sort of birth control is good for us, said Soni.

Instantly after marriage they want their grandsons, she said. They are pretty dissatisfied when we say no, included Raj.


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