Something to chew on: a look at the growing trend of edible flowers and ways to grow your own
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It’s stated that we consume with our eyes", and the existing flower abundance being dished out by dining establishments, throughout a variety of dishes, drinks and desserts, would definitely feed into that concept. Edible flowers aren’t a new idea, but they’re taking pleasure in something of a revival.

These quite florals are a present to foodie Instagram accounts. The healthy-food blogger and creator of Secret Squirrel Food, Karen McLean, loves using edible flowers to garnish the salads, yogurts and smoothie bowls presented in her food posts, because they include a wow element to any meal". Her favorites are pansies.

Anybody can beautify a hand-cooked meal, especially when it comes to salads and garnishes, using readily available blooms. We spoke with Carol Hyland, the creator of Little Leaves, a small-scale edible-flower and microgreens grower, to get her top ideas for growing edible flowers.

Hyland wants to explain her small company as a hobby gone mad", and it’s definitely the epitome of a home industry. Her plants are grown in the garden of her Fujairah home, and she drives to Dubai a couple of times a week throughout the season making shipments to a couple of regional chefs, the Ripe Market and Lootah Premium Foods.

Growing edible flowers is a pure indulgence", Hyland says; getting up at 7am to harvest an array of quite blooms and arrange them into pun nets is something that she would do for nothing".

A graphic artist by occupation, Hyland came to the UAE after finishing from art college in the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s. This probably represents some of the visual enjoyment she stems from dealing with these small plants.

Plants need just three things to grow: light, water and love. Nasturtium, for circumstances, normally don t like abundant soils, and they don t like to flower unless the temperature has dipped listed below 15 C for at least a few days."

While the local growing season is practically at an end, now is a great time to start thinking about what you may want to grow after the heat subsides and to perhaps search for seed alternatives if you’re travelling overseas in the next few months.

Some are apparently unbreakable tomato seeds, for example, can go through the gut of a farm animal and still produce tomatoes. Generally, if you buy seed that s produced in the very same year that you plant, you re fairly safe.

Keep opened seed packages in the refrigerator to maintain freshness if you’re not planting out in one session this will extend their service life. The grocery store chain Carrefour has a good option of seeds look out for its Italian Franchi series.

Hyland utilizes the Desert Group’s potting soil as a base for her flowers, but any good potting soil combined with a little red sand will get the job done.

She also in some cases blends in a little cow manure. When you rub the soil in between your hands and brush it off, there must be no wet, slightly muddy residue," she observes.


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